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Monday, May 14, 2012

Samsung Thinner and Brighter

 Sorry to all my faithful viewers. I have been very busy with new projects to post news on ideal device.

  Well, Samsung will launch it's new Galaxy S3 next month. The great slim and strong smartphone has great features and its heads with Apple's iPhone & iPad.  Androids phones are increasing in capability and this is what major companies are trying to masters.
  • Galaxy S 3 spec. Runs on Android 4.0
  • 8 mega-pixels camera
  • 4.8 inch screen using AMOLED
  • LTE smartphone
  • major powefrul quad-core processor
  • Sleek chassis
  • 4G Capability
  • Huge 21000 mAh battery 
 This battery can last up to ten hours of talk time and about ten hours of video playback. People can also browse the web for about five hours before have to charge the battery. 
At my first glance of this phone, I notice how clear the screen features is and how visible in sunlight. I love the eight mega-pixels camera. It take beautiful sharp pictures. I haven't had the pleasure to explore all of it features but this will be a huge profit for Samsung, I believe.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The 2012 CES winners

 This year international Consumer Electronic Show (CES) was great it had much more gadgets this year.There was over 20,000 new products. Held on January 10 in Las Vegas and broke its own 44th year of attendees. record number over 3,100 exhibitors,over 153.00 attendees this includes the 34,000 of international attendees. covering 1.861 million sq. feet.  Here is a clip of the show
Most of the laptops and Tablets are using Windows 8. There been upgrades of the models from last year and my favorite is the Yoga style laptop called Ultrabook Leveno IdeaPad Yoga notebook. Also runs on Windows 8. This beautiful laptop can flip over like a picture frame. It bends backwards, with its dual hingne it can be flip in 4 different modes. This is a must see!
Now without further delay, here are the winners of the Consumer Electronics Show. Announced on the CNET floor.
1.Network and Storage ; D-Link HD Media &Router
2.Software,Services & Apps; Bluestacks for Windows 8
3 Car Tech :QNX Car 2 Mobile apps platform
4. Cells phones: Nokia Lumia 900
5.Cameras: Fujifilm X -Pro1
6. Home Theater : Simple.T.V:
7. PC's : HP Envy 14 Spectre
8.Tablets: Asus Memo 370T
9.T.Vs LG 55Em9600 OLED TV
10.Now for the  Special Awards
People Voice the winner is Razor Project Fiona . This is second win in a row.
11 Best of Show : LG55EM9600 OlED TV.
Congratulations to the winners of this year. I will post more on each of these winners products real soon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Greatest is what you want

I hear a  lot of what to get? Which is best? Mainly is having common sense and work with a company that has the same. It makes things much easier.
 I always buy Samsung's phones for several reasons. One it makes it phones with senses. It durable products saves me so much money. Fallen into water, lasts over two years . That's a lot to say compare to other phones. And even the phone is almost apart it still will have some working functions. The other reason ,You know how these days every expensive gadgets always in the need for more expensive gadgets just to have a full working one? Like before Super Nintendo came with two controllers,most of them does, then when the Sony playstation only one then you have to buy a extra one & and memory card? Well the same with some of these phones these days. But Samsung has sense to really help out a little. It  always gives a little something. An extra case, charger that can be a USB cord. Memory which you have to buy depending on the phone , could hold huge amount of data.

Well the same with every thing else you buy, If you gonna get insurances make sure it has the great  benefits and if it's going to be expensive let it be because it's worth the money.
 I tried the new Apple phone . It's OK. I had a bit of trouble seeing display in daylight. I like big screen but not big enough where others can see from behind. There for getting a case is a must. Case is thick enough to shield the screen. 
 Bundles like phone ,cable and web. People think they are really getting a great deal. But really is it? If something is wrong with the  cable do you want to be without a phone ?  Think about it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

T.v and radio are a thing in the past!!!

  There are rumors that there will be no more televisions being made. Quick guess meaning the regular t.vs that require an analog antenna. Also the radio station will no longer be. No pacific date but said to be soon. I hope not. These up to date models are great but it's not wise to rely on digital products so much. What if a back up is needed. electronics has more stability than digital in my opinion.  I miss recording songs off the radio onto cassettes. regular television might not as fancy as these digital models but at least it 's not so easy to fall and break. Beside you can be aside the television and still get a view. Digital on the other hand you got to be center to see it otherwise you see dark shadows.  What do you think?

Monday, November 14, 2011

GalaxyS2 Oh yeah!!!

 The great phone on the market right now is the Samsung Galaxy S2 .!!! Wow all the things I could do with this phone. I could make great video even in dark dim lights and still get a great clear pictures. Then the audio for ringtones and music players is loud and clear. I not so attracted to the exterior design but it does have a good grip. As you know some phones are easily to slip out of your hand but this one is not so sleek. The other great aspect is the weight. Not too light or heavy.  Good one hand use. I'm busy ,so I don't always have a moment to use both hands to work my phone. & All that hold the phone then touch the screen nonsence. Especially for someone like me that is multi-task ,always gotta pay attention to three things at a time. Here 's a clip that will show a better insight than the commercial.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Google & Amazon are getting into the tablet business!

 Google has looking forward to better consumer views for it Google t.v.. It has upgraded its platform with touches of the Honeycomb  and making it from 2.0 to 3.1. This will have better screen and home screen which provides  better shortcuts. Including better search for Youtube ,which has a new app, Netflix and an on-ramp for the Android Mark. This will be awesome. Honeycomb interface has able more and simple access to the given product plus the picture display is so much clear. Now if this all goes well this will be a very profitable feature.
Not only Google is spreading to the Tablet and t.v business, so is Amazon. If you go to Amazon you will see their Amazon Kindle Fire on its home page. This has their sales dramatic. The only wait to see ,is seeing if their enough space on the tablets market.
This year ,big leaders has been concerned of other business spreading into the digital telecommunication & tablet business. Now with Amazon Kindle Fire launches in a several weeks  will leaves more options to the tablets world by far. Most consumers buys from trusted sources sense  Amazon granted this factor and I believe will have no problem enhancing from this start. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Songs from the past

 Here are a few songs that I loved back then . Hope you enjoy!
This was "Pale Shelter ' by Tears for Fears.
 My next favorite was by a great group called Loose Ends. This song is called " Nights of Pleasure"

 This last but not least favorite is by Apani/ Dj nasty called "Blazing Trails'